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What Do We Ask of Our Adoption Applicants?

This page serves to explain the adoption procedures we have here at Alabama Rabbit Rescue. We ask that you read through our adoption requirements and process before filling out an adoption application. We also ask that you visit our Care and Feeding section to become familiar with the specific needs of a rabbit and how to keep them healthy and happy. Rabbits can live for 10-14 years, so this is a long term commitment that you are considering. If you prefer a shorter commitment time, we have wonderful middle aged bunnies that need homes too.

Please keep in mind that in order for you to adopt, you must be at least 18 years of age. Because we want the most stable homes possible for our rescued rabbits, we do not adopt to college students living in dorms. Similarly, we do not adopt to schools, day cares or nursing homes, as we want our bunnies living within a home environment.


As part of the adoption process, we ask that you complete an online adoption application and take our Bunny 101 class that has a lot of important information on how to prepare and care for a new bunny.

You are welcome to visit our adoptable rabbits by appointment. We would love to meet you and have you meet our bunnies!

If you are interested in a particular rabbit and are hoping to meet them, please mention that ahead of time in case that rabbit is in a foster home and not in the main foster home. Rabbits have a variety of different looks and personalities, and even though you may have a certain look or size in mind, we ask that you keep an open mind to all the bunnies and see who you get along with the best. Please note that rabbits who are already bonded will not be adopted out separately.


Once you are approved and have your supplies and choose your rabbit, you fill out and sign the adoption contract. It basically states that you agree to provide a good home for the rabbit, you will provide food, water, an indoor home, a safe environment, play time, and take them to the vet for medical care. It also states that if for any reason you can no longer care for the rabbit, that you will return him/her to us. It is not permitted for anyone to rehome any rabbit that has been adopted out from us!

The online adoption application can be filled out and submitted by clicking HERE. We have an adoption fee of $80 for one rabbit, $130 for a pair. This fee covers the cost of spay and neuter for our rabbits. This works out to be quite a savings, as vets charge significantly more for the procedure. If you will be away for long hours during the day, we strongly suggest that you adopt a pair of rabbits. They are social creatures, and will be much happier with a companion to groom and snuggle with.

We are always available for questions or concerns you have regarding your new arrival. Within 2 weeks, you can expect a follow up call to get updates on how everyone’s doing. Adopting from Alabama Rabbit Rescue automatically gives you a 1 year membership. You will also receive our e-newsletters with rescue updates, rabbit care information, stories of our foster bunnies, and invitations to our special events.

You can find our adorable adoptable bunnies on our Alabama Rabbit Rescue Petfinder page!

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