Who is Alabama Rabbit Rescue?

We are Alabama Rabbit Rescue, an all volunteer, nonprofit rabbit rescue organization serving the Birmingham area and beyond. We are a chapter of the House Rabbit Society - Hence the "HRS" in "Alabama HRS." For now, our rabbits are fostered in private homes. Our goal is to obtain a rabbit center in the near future where people are comfortable volunteering and visiting the foster bunnies available for adoption.

Our Primary Goals

To rescue abandoned rabbits whose time is up at animal shelters and to find permanent homes for them, and to educate the public and assist humane societies through publications on rabbit care, phone consultations, and classes.

Our Philosophy

All rabbits are valuable as individuals, regardless of breed, purity, temperament, state of health, or relationship to humans. It is in the best interest of domestic rabbits to be neutered or spayed, to live in human housing, and to be treated for illnesses by veterinarians. Rabbits are intelligent, social animals that require mental stimulation, toys, exercise, environmental activity, and social interaction with, as appropriate, people other rabbits and other household companion animals.

Our Mission

To rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home abused, abandoned, and neglected domestic rabbits. To spay, neuter, foster, and find domesticated rabbits great homes. To educate the public on the proper care of domestic house rabbits.

Our Vision

We seek by example and education to change society’s view of rabbits as companion animals. Our vision is to become a rabbit rescue organization that finds the best quality homes for the most rabbits possible and provides the best services, support, and products to all our members, donors, and providers.

Our Values

We value rabbits as companion animals, sharing our homes and lives with them. They are intelligent, social, and emotional beings that need companionship, stability, understanding, and love. We do not discriminate against color, temperament, health, or age and seek to find the best possible solution for their continued well-being, adapting our own lifestyles to accommodate their needs when necessary.

In our staff and volunteers, we value integrity, accountability, dependability, compassion, and teamwork. These qualities are necessary so that we can continue our mission to save as many rabbits as possible.

In our board members, we value integrity, accountability, fiduciary responsibility, teamwork, and transparency. The responsibilities of the board require these qualities in order to act in the best interest of Alabama Rabbit Rescue and ensure its sustainability in the years to come.

We value the support of the rabbit community, our donors, supporters, and volunteers - their passion for expanding the rights of rabbits, their enthusiasm for enlightening the public of the proper care and needs of rabbits, and their drive to change the way that society views rabbits.

We value our adopters, who provide loving and supportive permanent homes to our adopted bunnies.



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