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Making a Difference, One Life at a Time

Alabama House Rabbits is a non-profit organization that wants to spread the message of hope across Alabama. We are educating the public on the value of rabbits as house pets, supporting current rabbit owners, and rescuing rabbits in need. Through volunteers and donations, we provide education, expertise, medical care, rescue, resources, and boarding services for domestic rabbits and bunny parents.

Volunteering is a great way to connect with our bunnies who always appreciate your time and effort.  To learn about the many ways you can help, click the "I want to volunteer" button.


We are always hoping to find foster or adoptive bunny parents who are able to provide loving, stable homes for our rabbits.  To learn more, click the "I want to adopt or foster" button.


Your support helps us provide medical care, food, supplies and more to displaced bunnies. 

To find out how your donation can help, click the

"I want to donate" button.


Want to learn more from our experts about a bunny's special needs - like what to feed them or what to do about problem behaviors?  Click on the "I want to learn" button for expert advice and resources.

bunny with a bandage.webp

Has your bunny been injured?  Or has it stopped eating or is it behaving oddly?  Rabbits are prey animals and experts at hiding when they are in trouble.  In fact, you might not know that something is wrong until its serious - which can happen in a matter of hours.


For immediate help and a listing of specialized rabbit care veterinarians,  click on "I have a rabbit emergency" below.

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